Friday, April 13, 2012

Hepatitis Free Agartala City - Article

Feel proud & get vaccinated for Agartala



Agartalaian will be proud onwards 1419 Bangabda, if we all agartalaian may walk for a shortest distance of home to hospital to get only three vaccine injection to achieve the prestigious status of cent percent Hepatitis vaccinated First City of the World. Being a responsible member of the Family of the Model City Agartala, maintaining the 163 yrs aged historical Values of the Model City, it’s our moral duty to get vaccinated with the opportunity forwarded by the optimistic and struggling Movement of Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura (HFT). Agartalaian with such high head should run with the moto of HFT to make and mark the Agartala – Hepatitis B free first City.

The Holy Remarkable, Tegore’s blessed territory and Historical Place with its 163 yrs (Since 1849 -2012) ancient values, the Agartala City will soon turn to be the safest city as a First city with cent percent Hepatitis B vaccinated population and Hepatitis B free.

1419 Bangabda will also be Hopefully the safest year to the Agartala City indeed and forever too with such fruitful pro-people and youthful effort of a mankind supportive Doctor – Pradip Bhaumik, who believe from the depth of his heart that the “health is Wealth” and dreams for a safe healthy Agartalaian family. With his single focusing mind & heartiest planed effort, it surely be possible that the Agartalaian family will be considered as a only Hepatitis B vaccinated and Free society, which also may uplift the human resource index of our Agartala.

Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura designed a Mass Hepatitis B vaccination program for Hepatitis B eradication exclusively for the Agartalaian family on 15th April 2012 from 9am to 4pm at 70 permanent & temporary centers run by the volunteer of the HFT. The program will be supported by the Agartala Municipal Council, Agartala with the Health Dept. of Govt. of Tripura.

Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura is in the field of Hepatitis-B prevention since 2002. The basic aim of foundation is awareness generation, immunization against Hepatitis-B and early detection and treatment. The foundation received constant help and support from the Govt. of Tripura, particularly Dept. of Health in its endeavor to make Tripura Hepatitis- B free. The foundation runs 31(Thirty One) Hepatitis Clinics on every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. throughout the State for Hepatitis-B Vaccination. The foundation has successfully implemented three “Hepatitis-B Eradication Program” in Tripura which is the only effort of its kind in the country. The foundation has made “Hepatitis-B Awareness Program” as part of lifestyles of HFTians. The foundation could achieve exemplary success in Hepatitis-B vaccination in Tripura and till now almost 7.5 lacs people of Tripura has been vaccinated which is 20.76% of total population. The achievement of the organization has already been recognized by the national and international health care organizations and foreign Govt / Govt bodies. Our neighbor Bangladesh also awarded Dr Pradip Bhaumik for his efforts in the field to make the Tripura Hepatitis B free with Mother Teresa Award of excellence in recent past. Dr Bhaumik also got the opportunity trice in 2009, 2010, 2011 as a Hon’ble invitee to teach the international fraternity about his experience and effort through which the tiny state Tripura is holding head high with a status of 20.76% hepatitis B free and vaccinated status.

“Charity begins at Home”. Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura has also its own liability to establish the same thought in its own activities & planning. The Thought backed as inspiration to get start with the dream to make the city of Ujjayanta a only Hepatitis B vaccinated & free city on earth. After acquiring lot of experience and expertise in mass vaccination, the Foundation is now planning to concentrate on Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. The upcoming challenge one – the Program of Hepatitis Foundation of Tripura - “Hepatitis-B Free Agartala City” will be commence on 15th April 2012, a day long effort against a deadly disease to prevent the virus and to prevail the mankind of Agartala with its more potency as HFT also believein Human Resource Development.

The basic idea is to make Model Agartala city “The First Hepatitis-B Free City of India”.

It is estimated that we have already vaccinated 1.05 lacs people of Agartala. Our target is to cover at least 80% of total population. Total 70 Centers will be co-opted in 35 wards to offer the campaigning facility to the next step of the door of any Agartalaian. All Health facility infrastructures will be considered as Centre for vaccination.

The Model capital Agartala of Tripura State of North Eastern India is a Multifaceted model city with mixed culture of Bangalees and nineteen tribes group. The Agartalaian Family has 5,12,264 member in population As par latest census 2011, living here in total area of 92 Sq. Km.

Hepatitis terminology directly indicates to Hepatic gland and the Post-fix “titis’’ means inflammation of the indicated organ. In human body anatomy, The Hepatic Gland known as liver is the largest organ of the body weighting 1.5 Kg and situated at right upper quadrant of abdomen. The Liver is the principle metabolic organ. This powerful organ is usually neglected by the individual and the Liver diseases were equally neglected by the health planer of the country. Taking this chance the smallest organism “Hepatitis Virus” dares to destroy the liver. Alcohol, drug and other co-morbidities are also responsible for the menace of liver.

Hepatitis viruses are many. The nomenclature is simple by English alphabet- Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E & G. Hepatitis-A & E are transmitted by Feco-oral route and causes only acute infection & recovers uneventfully most of the time. Hepatitis-B, C, D & G are blood borne. Hepatitis-B & C are the major cause of chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis and liver cancer.

Hepatitis B, a small virus, enters through blood from affected persons to a healthy individual and causes disease named Viral Hepatitis. Most of the time the virus causes acute infection and body eliminates it within 6 month-time but sometimes this claver virus remains in body for years or decades and causes chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis or sometimes liver cancer. About 70% of primary liver cancers (Hepato Cellular Carcinoma) are due to Hepatitis B. The disease can affect a person at any age “Pediatric to Geriatric”.

About 400 million people in the world are harbouring Hepatitis B virus in the blood. About 2-7% of Indian are carrying Hepatitis B virus, where as it is around 4% in Tripura. Among Tribal population the positivity is further higher- this is about 8-10%.

The disease is completely preventable by vaccination. Recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine is very safe and effective. Three shots of vaccine to be given at 0, 1 and 6 months. Those who have received three doses of vaccines earlier need not to take again.

To break the Myth & to make vaccinee more confident over the fear of injection in the management of Hepatitis, it should be take guaranteed that No booster dose is required for Hepatitis B after three scheduled shot-doses in a scientific interval. Three shots of Hepatitis-B vaccine provide lifelong protection to the individual. The vaccine can be given “At Birth” to any age. Once you have completed three doses (after first dose second shot to be given after 1 month & third dose after 6 months of first date). You need to take hepatitis-B vaccine once in your life time. Remember Hepatitis-B vaccine protect you only from “Hepatitis-B”, not from any other types of Hepatitis or Jaundice, but the indirect support to prevent hepatitis D too. If a person can easily take or eat “Bread”, he or she may easily can take the vaccination of Hepatitis B without any threat of allergic reaction as the Recombinant Hepatitis B vaccine has been developed with yeast DNA.

The HFT & Govt of Tripura with its wing – Health Directorate supported Hepatitis Free Agartala dream project is dedicated to all Agartalaian and any normal person can receive Hepatitis B vaccine, even the child who was born today or that day to any age too. Vaccination has only limitation to those Agartalaian Family member who:
  1. has already received three doses of Hepatitis B vaccine at any stage.

  1. is suffering from Hepatitis B disease and diagnosed HBsAg positive.

  1. had Acute Hepatitis B, but now has become negative (Anti Hbs positive).

  1. is suffering from high Fever shall receive the Vaccine after recovery.

  1. is suffering from chronic kidney disease or on Hemodialysis should get double dose vaccine at 0 -1- 2 and 6 month and booster at yearly interval.
15th April 2012 or the lively start of 1419 bangabda is entering to our life with its valued invitation to feel good and feel proud, which will be more enriched if the Agartalaian get involved with the initiative of Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura.

Be start charity at Home to feel proud for Agartala – would be the ever first Hepatitis B Free City.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

HFT HIMALAYA Liv.CON 2011: HFT & Agartala Govt Medical College planing to conduct everfirst Drug Clinical Trial with Himalaya Liv52HB : Dr Pradip Bhaumik

Liv.CON 20011         
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The everfirst Drug Clinical Trial has been framed with HIMALAYA HERBAL HEALTHCARE in Tripura. Dr Pradip Bhaumik, Associate Professor Of Medicine Dept of Agartala Govt Medical College and President of state wide anti Hb movement - Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura has already been expressed his willingness in this regards in written to the HIMALAYA HERBAL HEALTHCARE as the concern Indian Traditional Herbal Health Reasearch Institute lanched its vibrentive brand "Liv52 HB" in Hepatitis B infection managment. Considering the option the Rajib Gandhi University approved R&D of The Himalaya Drug Co. organised a Doctor's Meeting Programme at Agartala in collaboration with The Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura- Doctors Fraternity designed and decorated as “Himalaya-Liv.CON 2011” - the one day long academic Doctors meeting to discuss the hepatological status of Tripura, held today(9/11 of 2011) at (Navaratna - Royal guest House) Agartala, which has been conducted as a part of  initiative to perform the ever first Drug Clinical Trial with the Himalaya’s production ever first Indian Anti HB therapy & First US patented hepato-protective Liv 52 HB in heterogeneous Chronic Hepatitis B infected population of Tripura state.

 Discussing the “Safety & Side effect of upto date used Anti HB Drugs” Dr Arunabha Dasgupta, Asso Prof, AGMC, indicated, After Malaria the drug resistance has became a matter of concern in the field of HB treatment also even in Tripura too. Through there is no supportive data is available, but he tried to emphesised the scientific evidence that the used drugs are perfect in some cases only where either the treatment has been done through proper diagnosis considering the genotype confirmation of HBV or the drugs has been clinically judges in every years against its resistance as all the upto dated used anti HB drugs are showing its resistance by only one year of treatment considering its limitation apart each used anti HB drug has huge known and unknown side effects, even drug itself induced fatal side effects too. Dr Dasgupta given adequate stress on a effective and side effect free anti HB treatment too and shown his confidence on the planed clinical trial with Himalaya brand "Liv.52 HB cap" drug on Chronic Hepatitis B patients too considering its found and proven success and side effect free benefits, through doctor shown his hesitation to agree with the data analysis success rate of highlighted clinical trials and said, May the success varied here in the planed clinical trial. Dr Dasgupta said, The ever first clinical trial with a Drug in Tripura scenario will be a mile stone as there is no report or documentation of clinical trial of any sorts of drug with The population of Tripura. He appreciated the selection of the Drug for this planning too and said, The selected drug Himalaya Brand Liv.52 HB is the best choice for that purpose as the concern brand is highly documented in nationally and internationally recommended journals, clinically proven and also totally side effect free and cost effective for the local socio economic group, which will be the ultimate benefit for any patient.
Today to build up the confidence about the Drug chosen for the ever first clinical trial in Tripura, Dr S S Kar from Scientific Services of The Himalaya Drug Co, Bangalore also join the discussion and shown his gratitude for choosing a INDIAN brand for  ever first clinical trial with a Drug in Tripura scenario. showing his transparent view on the Himalaya Drug he elaborated the the Liv 52HB has been chosen after a lots of clinical trial like cell biology study, pre clinical trial and multi centric studies to confirm the efficacy of the Drug, which is even more effort then any competitor R&D.

The Himalaya Liv con starts with The welcome and wram reception from The leader of field force of the Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Mr Anjan Banik and Concluded with Vote of Thanks from the Zonal Manager of North east of The Himalaya Drug Co Mr Kangkan Talukder. The Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura supported Himalaya Liv con 2011 has been inaugurated by Dr Ajit Ranjan Chaudhury, MD, Technical Director, Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura followed by Dr Rajesh Kishore Dev Barman, Associate Professor, AGMC, Dr Pradip Bhaumik, MD-FCCP(USA), Associate Professor Of Medicine Dept of Agartala Govt Medical College and President of state wide anti Hb movement - Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura. The total Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura supported Himalaya Liv con 2011 has been anchored by Dr Priyabrata Sinha, Jt. Secretary, Hepatitis Foundation Of Tripura.